Away from the crowds the stunning landscape changes with the rhythm of the seasons.

Spring bursts into flower with wild iris and orchids, almond and cherries blossom, apricots and peaches. Bright fields of poppies and sunflowers splash the hills in summer, as grapes ripen in the southern sun and in September the heady aroma of the wine harvest pervades.

The rich colours of autumn follow as the vineyards turn red, yellow and orange, while olives slowly ripen on the trees and farms display their produce, apples, nuts and sweet onions, along the roadside, before the snow clad Pyrenees re-emerge to herald winter, like a well kept secret.

There are walks in the hills with panoramic views, lakes and pools to swim in, wild herb, rare flowers,  figs, walnuts and almonds to pick … then chestnuts ... wild boar too!  


Immerse yourself in Nature...

Picnic packs and maps available as well as more information on the many outdoor activities in the region... Bikes can be hired, horseriding in the hills ... watersport in the mountains.